Holder of the treatment.
The holder of the treatment is SALVATORE D’AMORE, with registered office in in Avenue Jacques Pastur, 47 A – 1180 Uccle-Bruxelles.

What cookies are
Cookies are small text files located in the browser of the user for variable time periods, from few hours to one year.

Cookies are useful because allow to a website to recognize the user’s device, to remember preferences, login data,actions and they also contribute to improve security and experience of the surfing. They are used to display advertising contents that are pertaining to personal interests (cookies di profilazione).

How to eliminate cookies
All cookies can be closed down modifing the directories of the own browser. Each browser has different directories for the deactivation.

Following there are links of instructions for the most used browsers

Technical Cookies:
essential for the efficiency of the website. Without them common operations such ad login or to send a form of contact are not possible. Technical cookies also help us to know data such ad the number of users is visiting this website, both the most and less popular contents or the time spent on each content.

All information collected by these cookies are anonymous and not linked to user’s personal data. Services of third parts are used for the purpose (google analytics) of making data anonymous and they are not collected to single individuals.

Technical cookies could be limited or eliminated operating on directories of the own browser.

Cookies di profilazione and third parts
SALVATORE D’AMORE not send and use directly cookies di profilazione. Nevertheless it is possible that cookies not controlled by the SALVATORE D’AMORE could be memorized.

About cookies of third parts, the SALVATORE D’AMORE has not control of information given by the cookie and it has not access to these data. These information are totally controlled by third societies according to what is sfuggente on the respective privacy policy.

If you do not want to receive cookies of third parts on your device, it is possible having access to information and forms of consent and excluding its receiving, following these links:

For more information and possibility of renunciation visit the address of Your Online Choices